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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are beyond excited to welcome every single student, familyand staff and community member back into the building. It has been too long since we have heard the in-person chatter of classrooms, listened to the laughter of kids, watched as pencils move and keyboards click, and seen the smiles of our student body. We are here to love, support, and listen to you this year – especially after such a trying last year and a half. I know that this year is going to be one of the best at Moten! 
This year we are continuing our transformative plan to build and grow our school community into an even greater place. I am extremely excited to return for my fifth year as principal of the mighty Moten Elementary School Community! We are Mighty because our students learn - we grew 13% in ELA and 7% in Math this past school year. We are mighty because we are a Connected School dedicated to connecting the community with our Arts program and providing community services to our families. We are partnering with you to truly transform the Ward! As we begin the upcoming school year, please keep three things in mind. 
First, we are so glad to have you back in person. Our leadership team along with every teacher and staff member are waiting with excitement to welcome your child on day one. As we begin our year in-person, health and safety is a huge priority. We have designed our school to keep everyone as safe as possible, from wearing masks while at school to keeping children and staff as distanced as possible throughout the day. We know that nothing can replace in-person instruction, and we have worked hard to design individualized instruction for you while maintaining high standards for health and safetyOur dynamic leadership team ready to support classroom culture and instruction, along with our Community School Manager that is prepared to bring and manage the community partnerships Moten needs to not only become a five-star school, but a school you truly feel connected to. Never hesitate to ask myself or my team for anything! 
Second, we are committed to living the work of a Community School. We have strengthened our partnerships with Community of Hope, renewed our relationship with DC Scores, and have molded new connections with other DC-area organizations to make our school community fuller than ever.  
Lastly, please welcome our new staff members joining the Moten Family this year. As part of our transformation, we have new highly skilled teachers ready to love on and teach our babies this year! We cannot wait to see you on August 30th for the first day of this year. I look forward to greeting each of you at all events! 

See You Soon! 

Principal Akela L. Dogbe 

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